INEZZ Production is a boutique audiovisual production service company in Spain & Belgium.

Based in Barcelona & Brussels we offer location, casting and production resources for photo, film & video productions.

We work throughout the Spanish mainland, Ibiza, Mallorca, and the Canary Islands. Some clients assign us also their production in the South of France and Portugal.
We are known for our top end resources, efficient planning, transparent and accurate budgeting and quick problem solving competencies.
During the years we have created a highly praised location library with more then 5000 carefully scouted and updated locations for you to choose from for your next project.

From our first assignment in 2000 through many advertising & fashion productions we still think every brief is a new challenge.

We are serious about reducing our environmental footprint and we do so by going paperless, using reusable bottles, emphasise on trash recycling, improving energy efficiency and using resources responsibly.

If you're looking for a great team to manage your shoot give us a call, we'd be happy to discuss.





Ines Daelman, is Belgian, where she had a marketing degree, and moved to Barcelona in the mid 90’s.

After successfully launching the service department for a well known Barcelona Film Producer she started up INEZZ Production in 2000.

Ines speaks fluent English, French, Spanish, Dutch and German. Her understanding of different cultures is an asset for her and her team to make a crew feel at home in Barcelona. 

Ines Daelman

We have been collaborating with clients and agencies to tell their brand stories since our first project for Samsonite in 2000.

We have grown considerably since our start-up days but retain the same energy & drive.

We like challenges and are as happy to work for emerging start-ups as for Fortune 500 companies. Being a small agency we stand for commitment, enthusiasm and like to bring a good atmosphere on set.

We deliver what we say we will and set realistic budgets & expectations. But most important is that we love our job.